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The  2018 Helemar  solunar calendar, presented in a universally legible format. 


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New moons, full moons, PERIGEES and apogees bring tides -- which can raise solid ground 1 foot, raise seas
50 feet, and affect the atmosphere greatly in ways which are not easy to describe in terms of feet raised. If a
PERIGEE coincides with a new moon or a full moon, we get the especially strong perigean springtides.

Apogees and PERIGEES regularly cause moonquakes. They, and moon phases, can help trigger earthquakes.
Plants grow, germinate, ripen and die in step with sun and moon rhythms. Sunflowers turn to the sun, moon
flowers bloom at night, tree branches reach toward the sun, leaves burst forth in spring and drop in autumn.
Birds, butterflies and bison migrate in season. Red crab stampedes on Christmas Island depend on moon
phase. California grunion spawning runs also do. An autumn full moon can start a massive mating surge
involving dozens of species on the Great Barrier reef off Australia. Can call land animals to breed. Can drive
men and beasts to hunt.

Rome abandoned attempts to invade England for a century once Julius Caesar lost numerous ships in a
France-to-England expedition because he failed to heed moon-phase-driven tides. However, in those same
waters -- exactly 2000 years later -- General Eisenhower's understanding of the tides guaranteed his
England-to-France invasion would succeed within a week.

The sun and moon shape our wars, accidents, discoveries, emotions, art, journeys, work, play and rest.
Hunters, herders, breeders, ranchers, farmers, fishermen, sailors, pilots, police, photographers, weathermen,
mountaineers, astronomers and poets can't afford to ignore the calendar. Can you?

The 2018 Helemar solunar calendar is presented in a universally legible format, with a key to all symbols and explanation of repetitive solar and lunar events fully explained. It's formatted to print front and back on 11x17 paper. If you'd like a different size, please contact us.