2017 Helemar Calendar SKU: 2017HC

61 , 59  and  55  day cycles in the  2017  solunar calendar, presented in a universally legible format. 


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 Sun and moon conjoin to tell people on earth when to sleep or to rise, when to strip off  and swim in water or to suit up and skate on ice, when to fish, to fowl, to hunt, to breed, to plant, to harvest. They tell reef corals when to spawn, moonflowers when to bloom, grunions when to  swarm a beach in California, red crabs when to stampede on Easter Island.  

They've told Julius Caesar when not to sail to Britain, told Dwight Eisenhower when to sail from Britain, told Bay of Fundy visitors when to leave a beach, told yachtsmen when to play cricket on the Solent sea bottom, told sailors when to sail tall ships under bridges, or to sail laden ships through shallows.  

They may have something to tell you.

The 2017 Helemar solunar calendar is presented in a universally legible format, with a key to all symbols and explanation of repetitive solar and lunar events fully explained. It's formatted to print front and back on 11x17 paper. If you'd like a different size, please contact us.